Creamy Hot Chocolate and Choco-Nuts Pops

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One cold day, about twenty-eight years ago, my mother entered a coffee shop in Italy and ordered a hot chocolate. It was the first time she ordered one in Italy, since she had just moved there with little Casper, my brother. What she got surprised her; the cup was hot and steaming, but this was not hot chocolate, she thought. The consistency of whatever they had just served her was thick and almost not liquid anymore; it looked creamy and thick at the point she thought it was some sort of pudding.

Soon enough she realized that was just how the Italian hot chocolate is, and even sooner, just after taking the first sip, she had realized it was delicious.

Years went by and that same hot chocolate became a staple in our pantry during the cold winters. Basically it was what got us through the winter. One cup and…

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Substitution ch. 0 Welcome to this cruel word

I did uploaded this before chapter 1 but I think it got deleted because I couldn’t find it, so I am just reuploadung it πŸ™‚

This is my first fanfic posted online, so it may not be good. It’s a BDSM, bondage, incest, father/son (later on) and hard yaoi. Just warning, prepare tissue before you read.
Chapter 1
“Mr Phantomhive, your son is a healthy baby, but Madam is…” the doctor changed his gaze and focus on Rachel Phantomhive. “Sadly, she couldn’t overcome the pain of giving birth and left. I am sorry, we already did our best.”
Sorrow filled his eyes when he heard of the news. He look at the newborn with rage, a rage he never felt so strong before. He hated himself for impregnating the mother, and hated the birth of the newborn, he just wanted him dead.
“Waaa…!” he held onto the baby, stood on the same position, totally ignoring the newborn in his arms even when he is crying loudly.
‘I shouldn’t shed tears for the sake of the name and reputation of Phantomhive. I shouldn’t and I wouldn’t.’ He thought to himself, confidently sure that he would shed tears, but he didn’t realize that tears already welled up his eyes. The doctors and nurses know that he need some time to calm down, so they left the room, leaving the newborn with his father.
Vincent took a few minutes to get himself back, he looked at the newborn and he opened his eyes. The pair of melancholy, dark sea blue eyes blinked for a few times. That pair of eyes totally resembles his eyes, it is so big and bulky that it can be a mirror. The pair of eyes reflect his face and he see himself, in bad condition. His eyes was red and swollen after crying so hard and painfully at the death of his wife.
“Good…bye…Rachel….I love… You…” his voice was fading away, he really did cry out loud, he is afraid now, afraid that the others outside heard him crying. He always view crying as something shameful and embarrassing for a man, more so for the man being a fully grown individual that is so successful and perfect in everything and every area. But the death of a family member made him feel that there is a hole in his life, a deep cavity that couldn’t be filled up.
He looked at the baby, thinking about how much the baby resembles his wife. That crystal clear and smooth skin. Vincent stroke them, as if what he always did to Rachel. The baby move his hands and pulled Vincent’s index finger, letting out a peaceful and happy smile. Look just like Rachel.

The next morning, when Vincent wake up, the first thing he do is go to the cradle beside his Queen size bed. He saw the innocent face of the baby sleeping soundly. After using the bathroom (sounds funny XD), he head down to the hall. He saw a red headed woman downstairs. She is Angelina Durless, the sister of Rachel, who love Vincent since young. Many people call her Madam Red for her hair.
“Good morning.” Madam Red greeted. “Are you ready to leave for the funeral?” Dressed in black dress and holding on to a black colored umbrella, make her look mature and charming. She racked through her whole closet for the best dress to charm Vincent, since her sister is dead.
“Yes. Have you eaten breakfast yet? We should eat together if you haven’t.” Vincent invitation made Madam Red overjoyed. She never thought that Vincent will still invite to eat with her only after her sister’s marriage. She lied that she haven’t ate yet. Being with Vincent does help her appetite.
They headed to the church. The place was in a low spirit. Everyone was either crying or just wiping away crocodile tears. Vincent keep a straight poker face for the whole time, Madam Red did the same even she is happy, happy that her chance of getting higher. She feel guilty for her thoughts, she know that it is a sinful thought, but she couldn’t help it.
“Vincent, let’s call him Ciel.”

Finally, it is finish and I am gonna say: my story may be moving at a slow pace and I need to set up everything. Since Ciel is still a cute baby, so i still need to write about what happen to his father. Please be patient >.<


There had been ages since I last updated the fanfic. I am very busy because of PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examination) and now it is holiday, but I am still busy because I have been taking request for fanfics at Halloween, I am also translation a Sekaiichi Hatsukoi Doujinshi and I am using Fireworks to clean and typestting. It only have 30 days trial so I must finish it fast. But thanks to one of my good friend that help me on some troublesome and difficult translation that I actually saved some time. I will also start tutoring so I can earn money and pay for Firework (Adobe-san, you’re such a badass >.<) so I will also be spending time to tutor that brat… XD but I will post an one-shot that I am currently wriring later. It is a Sekaiichi Hatsukoi one (I just love Nakamura Shunjiku XD) so please forgive me for not updating! *bows* and thanks for reading this random and apologetic post πŸ™‚ (even though I dont think anyone read it XD) If you reading this then thank you very much, you are an encouragement for me πŸ˜€ bye~ πŸ™‚

Substitution ch. 1 let’s torture him

~10 years later~
“Daddy! Daddy! There is a guy in black tailcoat at the main entrance!” Young Ciel opened his father’s room door excitedly. “Hmm… He should be the new butler that’s taking over Takana (I guess this is his name…)” Vincent fake a troubled face. Ciel rushed down the stairs and Vincent took his time to walk.
After 10 years since Rachel’s death, Vincent found an exit in the trauma with the help of Madam Red. To show his gratitude, he remarried her and she play her part as a loving mother, even though they didn’t tell Ciel about Rachel. Still, they have a happy family and everything is normal. And Rachel is forgotten in everybody’s heart, besides Vincent.
“Good afternoon, I am the head of Phantomhive household from today onwards. I am Sebastian.” The man in black tailcoat smile and put his hands in front of his chest. As a brave child, Ciel muster up his courage and walk up to Sebastian. “Uncle Sebastian, can you carry me?” Ciel open his arms widely. “Ofcourse, young master. I will follow your order. You can just call me Sebastian.” Sebastian put Ciel on his shoulders and hold him tightly, without letting Ciel feel any pain. “Then, I will call you Sebby! Now, Sebby, move!” Ciel point at the lobby and Sebastian do as he said, and chuckled at his cuteness. (Man, I can’t imagine Ciel doing those cute action XD)
Vincent arrived at the lobby with Madam Red. Sebastian apologizes to Ciel and put him down. Vincent welcome Sebastian and they went into the study room.
“Today is your first day as a butler of Phantomhive, so I will be telling you about your jobs and rules.” Vincent get himself a chair to sit and gesture Sebastian to a seat. “Yes, please.” Sebastian sit on the chair with smooth and beautiful movements.
Vincent start talking about Queen Victoria and the loyal dog of hers, who is Vincent himself and he needs Sebastian to assist him. After an hour of talking, Sebastian take his leave and made afternoon tea.
“Here is Coffee flavor of Tiramisu with Mocha, I hope that you would like try to try something other than tea, master.” (To be honest, I died a little when Sebastian say master lol) The Tiramisu was stacked up with layers of light brown and dark brown, with a white cream on top of the layer and powdered coffee beans sprinkle at the four sides of the cream. The Mocha have a heart shape done by the hot milk that Sebastian boiled.
“French food? I had been having Britian food (or whatever you call it) for my whole life.” Madam Red looked surprise and she look at the food on table like an alien (for no reason, I wanna ridicule her lol).
“I am sorry to correct you Madam, Tiramisu is an Italian dessert and Mocha is from Yemen, none of them are from France.” Sebastian make his expression look like he is troubled because of Madam Red’s stupidity.
“Let’s start eating, shall we?” Vincent dig in but taste the food slowly and capture every bitterness and sweetness.

-later that night-

Sebastian walk into Rachel’s room, found Vincent sitting on to a Queen size bed, hugging on to something, crying painfully. He walk towards Vincent quickly and sit beside him. Sebastian put him right arm across Vincent’s shoulders and pat on him.
“Master, why are you shedding tears?” Sebastian put on a worried expression. Vincent gradually soften his muscles, lift the thing he is holding to and pass it to Sebastian. “I assume this is the late Madam of Phantomhive. She is beautiful.” Indeed, Rachel owns a pair of eye that resembles the sea water at night and her alluring appearance had won many men’s heart. Madam Red’s spotlights were all stolen by Rachel, which is why Madam Red is jealous of her.
“Y-yes… Sh-she is…” Vincent could feel that his throat was dry from crying and it is craving for water, but he thinks that he had show enough of how weak he is. Still, Sebastian know what Vincent wants and get a cup of warm water in a few seconds for Vincent.
“This year is her tenth death anniversary. She was dead because of Ciel. And I hate Ciel because of that.” Vincent flashed out his true self and that shock Sebastian. “As a loyal butler, I wouldn’t tell anyone about this. Including Madam and young master.” Sebastian lowered his head to show him respect and loyalty.
“I have enough of acting like a good guy. We will start torturing my dear son from tomorrow onwards.” Vincent says and a sudden smirk was seen on his face which no one thought of him in such dirty and naughty expression. Sebastian was afraid and don’t dare to move, even as a demon. Still, a human possessed with hatred is scarier than demon.

A/N: This boring chappie have come to the end. I know it’s boring and thank you for putting up with it, but you should know next chappie will be lots of fun and smut XD look forward to it!
P.S. I don’t hate Madam Red or hold grudges towards her or anything, just think that making fun of her is fun XD
P.S.S. I know I used quite a lot of space for food, sorry about that. Rumors say Kuroshitsuji is about gastronomy anyway XD
P.S.S.S. I think I pssss a bit too much… Bye~~

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Hello! I am new to blogging as I never thought that I will ever do that since I always think that it is a waste of time and foolish. I realize I was wrong when I read great literature works, they inspire me to think and write. Some brought me tears and laughter, only then I realize the power of literature.